Our Mission is to make it easier to select a safe and comfortable mobility product  while maintaining dignity.

Would you wear the wrong size shoes?

There are a ton of lift chairs or stand up chair with 1000’s of different fabrics, colors and styles. There are even more combinations when you consider that every user is unique

Selecting the right chair is easy when you ask yourself some questions.  Questions like -Are you taller than 6 feet?  Do you have a heart condition?  How much space do you have in your room? Does anyone have sensory impairment? Are you right handed? And more...

Asking ourselves these questions and matching you or loved one's uniqueness with the right chair features will insure safety and comfort.

Our mission is to bring these considerations to the front of your decision.  We hope to help you make a safe and healthy lift recliner purchase. 

We suggest products in our reviews and hope we have one of the right chairs for your circumstance.   We are compensated a commission in some cases from our affiliated stores.  There is no additional cost to you for choosing a chair that you learned about from us.    If you can not find a chair that fits you or your circumstance please contact us  - we would be happy to help.